WTF with Marc Maron – Podcast

We were to make a blog about the podcast of our choice so i researched a few podcasts and came across Marc Maron. Marc is a comedian and has been on the Marc Maron show, Morning Sedition, and Breakroom live. He has made over 44 appearances on the late night show with Conan O’Brian and has also been on the late show with David Letterman. In 2009 he started his podcast WTF with Marc Maron and it comes out twice a week.

The podcast itself is normally an hour to an hour and a half long. He interviews Comedians and Celebrities such as Michael Cera, Weird Al, Chris Rock, ect. I find he makes his guest feel comfortable being there. He has many different sponsors, music by different people, when he is switching his topics I find he plays a little bit of music. His podcasts are uncensored he and his guests swear quite a bit.

Over all I think WTF with Marc Maron is actually a very good podcasts. He makes them interesting and exciting to listen to. They are funny and you actually learn stuff about the people he interviews.


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