Thoughts on social media now…

My views on social media has changed quite a bit since taking this course. Before I thought social media was just a place where people caught up with their friends and talked to each other, but I learned that it’s not just about that. Social media plays a huge roll in society now. Most people use Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, LinkedIn. Everyone uses these for different reasons.

People use social media for their jobs, celebrities use it for advertising, to display  news, not just news broadcasters can capture the news now anyone can via their phone or camera. A lot of outside people are on scene before the news broadcasters can get there.

Youtube is the second most popular website other then google, people use Youtube for everything, to search how to do something, watch music videos, latest new ect. Social Media has effected our lives so much and i’m not sure if people could go without it any more.


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